[sold out] Admission to GCSB 2019

You would like to join us for GCSB 2019? This is your ticket!

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GCSB is the German Conference on Synthetic Biology.

Hosted by DECHEMA and GASB, you will find an exciting speaker’s list and a lot of networking, organized by and for the SynBio scene in Germany.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gcsb.info


Below you can learn how GCSB 2019 will work for you:


How do I register?

You buy a ticket here on https://www.shop.ga-sb.de. This is the official ticketing place. After you paid, you will receive a confirmation and further information on how to submit an abstract, if you want to.

Why is my email address important?

To make sure that we can get in touch with you, we need your current email address. Further, it will be used as an unique identifier of you in the abstract submission system and for the conference visit. It is therefore crucially important that you enter a correct email address. It will serve as your login / user name with us!

How do I submit my abstract?

After you paid your ticket, you will receive an invitation to submit your abstracts in our abstract submission platform. After you send us the abstract of your poster or proposed talk, we will come back to you with an acceptance decision as soon as possible.

For more infos see: https://www.gcsb.info/abstract-submission/

What does “Early Bird” ticket mean?

To reward you for your commitment to Synthetic Biology, we give the first tickets away for an even more reduced price: to all the “Early Birds” out there!

Why can I get only one ticket?

Every ticket is personalized, i.e. one person = one ticket. We will use your email address as an unique identifier.  This requires that each order itself is unique, too.

Every ticket is personalized? Can’t I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, we have the rule: one person = one ticket. If you cannot come for the conference, but would like to transfer your ticket to a colleague, please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.

I am a member of GASB and/or DECHEMA, do I get discount?

If you are a member of GASB or DECHEMA, we can offer you a reduced price for attending the conference. Please indicate the status of your membership  in the ordering form.

If we cannot match your membership status to our records, we will come back to you. In case you accidentally selected a wrong ticket, we will have to ask you to pay the difference, though.

P.S.: Secure your discount by becoming a member in parallel to your ticket order: https://www.synthetischebiologie.org/become-a-member

How can I indicate my dietary requirements?

Please select them during the ticket ordering process.

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